Staff List


STAFF LIST - January 2020
Sabina AHMED Learning Dev. Learning Support Assistant
Jill AITKEN Science Deputy Headteacher
Hassan ALI ICT Sen ICT Technician
Amina AKHOUNDZADEH Science Science Technician
Alice BALL English FL Learning D/SENCO
Pooja BALANI Mathematics Teacher of Maths
Michael BARRETT Science Assistant Headteacher
Kevin BARTLE Humanities Principal
Stephanie BARNES Creative Arts Creative Arts technician
Barbara BECKLEY Learning Dev. Student Support Manager/ Ass Head of LDD
Hannah BUTLER English Teacher of English
Alex BUTCHER Sport Teacher of PE
Mary CAMPBELL Technology Teacher of Technology
Manpreet CHAGGAR Science Science Teacher
Kulwant CHANA Finance Finance Officer
Bethany CLARKE Student support KS4 Learning Mentor
Malie CORDARA English Teacher of English, T&L Leader
Natalie COX English Teacher of English, T&L Leader LDD
Stephen CROOK ICT ICT Technician
Nicolletta CZBUKOWSKA Art Teacher of Art
Rima DABASIA Business Studies Head of Department/BTEC Nominee
Luke DALMEDO Sport PE Teacher, T&L Leader
Gabriela DEFTU Sport PE Teacher
Mumtaz DHUNNA Learning Dev. Learning Assistant
Andrew DRISCOLL Barnet Teacher of PE/Barnet
Brian DRIVER Maths Teacher of Maths
Chivonne EDWARDS Learning Dev. Learning Assistant
Khalia EDWARDS Student Services 6th Form Academic Mentor
Kirsty EMMERSON English Teacher of English, Inspire Coordinator
Leon EVANS History Teacher of History,T&L L Humanities
Silvia FARINA Media Resources MR Assistant
Omar FAROOQ RS Teacher of RS, CL Leader Humanities
Jo FREEMAN Science Faculty Leader, Science
Dan FOWLER Media Resources Media Resources Officer
Noel GAUNT Mathematics Teacher of Maths
Richard GORDON ICT Sen ICT Technician
Dhana GORASIA EAL Teacher of English, DoKS3
Aneeta HALAI Mathematics Teacher of Maths
Jasuben HALAI Student support Ass Director of KS5
Naomi HEATHCOTE Performing Arts Teacher of Drama,CL Creative arts
Lalita HEMANT Learning Dev. Learning Support Assistant
Steve HICKMAN Humanities Director of 6th Form
James HOOGLAND English Teacher of English
Rebecca HOWARD Humanities Assistant VP - Teaching, Learning & Assess
Jackie HUDSON Head/CPTSA PA to Headteacher
Richard JACKSON Student Support Assistant Director KS4
Smeeta JOSHI Mathematics Teacher of Maths
Melanie JOHNSTON Learning Dev. Learning Assistant
Gareth JONES Science Assistant Headteacher
Amanpreet KANG English Faculty Leader
Ayisha KHAN Student Services Exams Officer
Liku KIASHEK Teaching School HLTA
Dan KEMPNER English T&L Leader Creative Arts
Ameeta KERAI Mathematics Teacher of Maths
Dee KHIMANI Student Services Student Services KS4
Sophia KLIER English CL English
Nivedah KUGANENDERAN Mathematics Teacher of Maths
Robert LAING Cover Cover Supervisor
Jenny LAWY Humanities Teacher of Geography
Rhodri LAWRENCE Science Teacher of Science, CL Science
Adam LITCHFIELD Religious Studies Head of Department; CH Director
Hugo MAIA PE Teacher of PE
Elise MANN Science Science Technician
Jermaine MARSH Computing Computing Teacher, T&L Leader
Lexi MAWSON Humanities PHSCRE Coordinator, DoKS4
Bruce MACKIE Mathematics Director of Maths
Zac McCALLA Student support Specialist Learning Mentor
Leah MACNAMARA Performing Arts FL Creative Arts
Vasika MADHAPARIA Computing Computing Teacher, CL
Katie MAGEE Languages Teacher of MFL
Laura MARKEY Humanities Vice Principal
Simone McKENZIE Cover Cover Supervisor
Poonam MEHTA Attendance/Student Services Attendance Assistant/Reception
Emily MICHAELSON Sport CL: Sport, Health and Wellbeing
Karen MILLAR English Deputy Headteacher
Stuart MILLER Science Teacher of Science
Jodie MITCHELL Student Support Specialist Learning Mentor
Lucy MORCOMBE Physical Education Faculty Leader, Sport,Health and Wellbeing
Hughues MOUTON Languages Teacher of Languages
Jacqueline MULHALL Languages Assistant VP - Teaching, Learning & Assess
Dorota NECHAT Teaching School HLTA
Simon NEWTON Student Services Business Manager
Ernest OHENE-DARKO Student support Specialist Learning Mentor
Joana OSOBA Learning Dev. Learning Support Assistant
Joseph O'DONOHGUE Learning Dev. Learning Support Assistant
Susan O'DOWD Finance Finance Assistant
James O'DOWD Science, PE Science Teacher, Education Welfare (Barnet)
Susan O'GRADY Attendance Attendance Manager/Assistant Principal
David OPPONG-WIAFE Science Scuience Technician
Nadia O'SULLIVAN Cover Cover Supervisor/Cover Manager
Pragna PANDYA Learning Dev. Learning Support Assistant
Hardika PATEL Exams Examination Officer
Kapila PATEL English Teacher of English
Nilam PATEL Mathematics Maths Teacher, Leader of Curr and L KS3
Rakesh PATEL Mathematics Deputy Head of Department
Azra PATHAN Cover Cover Supervisor
Joy PATTERSON Premises Assistant Site Supervisor
Jordan PATTERSON Premises Site Supervisor
Reanne PHILLIPS Student Support KS3 Learning Mentor
Myleisha POWLETTE Student Services Reception
Joanne PRESS Student support School Counsellor
Hossein RAHNAMA Premises Assistant Site Supervisor
Nuzhat RAJA Student support Assistant Director of KS3
Ben RAWLINGS Sport Teacher of PE
Ali RAZA Computing FL, Computing, Technology & Engineering
Christina REFFOLD Student Services Careers and WRL Coordinator, Int Coordinator
Nicolas RIEDEL Art Teacher of Art
Helen ROBINSON Languages Head of Department
Ahmed SAFIE Learning Dev. Learning Support Assistant
Michael SCHMIDT Sport Techer of Sport/Science
Aarti SHAH Mathematics Maths Teacher, Leader of Curr and Learning KS4
Arti SHAH Learning Dev. Learning Assistant
Bijal SHAH Mathematics Teacher of Maths
Nilpa SHAH Cover Cover Supervisor
Urvi SHAH Learning Dev. HLTA
Pretti SHARMA Science Teacher of Science
Anissa SHARMARKE Mathematics Maths Teacher
Jonathan SHEEHAN English/EAL Teacher of EAL, CL LDD
Darren SILVER Science T&L L Science,Teacher of Science
Myuri SIVASUBRAMANIAM Science Science Technician
Janina SOMMARIVA-NAGLE Data Data Manager
Elizabeth STEVENSON Languages Teacher of MFL
Nicola SUTTON Student Services Librarian
Caroline SWEENEY Learning Dev. Learning Assistant
Balvant TAKODARA Premises Site Supervisor
Vicky TSONI Science Teacher of Science
Smita VARSANI Student Services Student Services KS3/KS5
Kamrul WAHAB Humanities Humanities
Deneise WHILBY Business Studies Teacher of Business Studies
Sarah WILKINSON Humanities Assistant Headteacher
Warren WILLIAMS Humanities Head of Department
Sarah WILSON Humanities Teacher of History