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Canons High School

Welcome to Canons High Sixth Form  


Canons Sixth Form is much more than just a collection of classrooms, a common-room and study spaces. It is a community, with a culture and ethos that embodies the ‘Spirit of Canons’.

We aim for ‘all members of this 6th form community to feel a sense of belonging and motivation’ and we set out to achieve future standards of excellence’ that we want from staff, students and families for the coming year.

We believe that innovation and technological solutions allows us to both reach further, longer and in more individual ways and to stretch our community almost endlessly beyond the physical space and timetabled hours to get to that excellence.

As our vision as an inclusive community of excellence for hearts, minds and futures, leads us to be about measurement and excellence, measuring ourselves and accounting for where we fall short and then reaching beyond that and using every tool to extend ourselves.

We also believe in the idea of ‘powerful knowledge’ of ourselves, of our community, of the world and we attempt to harness it (Ours is a learning community which prioritises powerful knowledge highly).

Our sense of reach is also beyond us, so picking up the sense of ‘futures’, with all our students’ futures being successfully beyond Canons (inclusive community of excellence for futures)

Success as a student will be influenced by your contribution to, and participation in the working of this community as well as your motivation and the development of good professional working habits.

Students can study a wide range of qualifications including both A-levels and BTECs. Most are delivered on-site but some are delivered in-conjunction with partnerships with Park High School and Barnet Football Club. With negotiation, students may also choose to study a course from another school within the Harrow Collegiate.

At Canons, IAG – information, advice and guidance – play a critical role in our admissions process to the sixth form. It is essential that students are placed on the right courses that ensure their future success.

We challenge our students to be the best versions of themselves they can be as well as providing a range of pastoral support to help them overcome obstacles to learning. We ask all our students to make a contribution to the school, local or international community and as a result they are looked on as role models by younger students.

Throughout their time in the Sixth Form, our students are given high quality, ongoing academic and personal support by a team of committed and dedicated staff. The result of all this is that our students have every chance possible to leave us and go on to enjoy great success in higher education and employment.