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Canons High School

Message from our Head Sixth Form Students


Nimaladan Daher - Year 13

Seven years ago, I walked through the doors of Canons High school as a curious, wide-eyed year 7, uncertain about what the future held. Little did I know that Canons would not just be a place of learning; it would also become a second home and a supportive community that helped me develop into the person I am today. Canons has enabled me and others to reach our full potential, and our academic learning is supported by dedicated teachers. In addition to teaching their subjects, the teachers at Canons go above and beyond to make sure we are performing to the best of our abilities. Having said that, I am confident that staying was the right choice for me.

At Canons High school, our dedication to academic ‘excellence for all’ is evident in the wide range of subjects we offer, giving students a thorough and well-rounded education. Our curriculum is designed to spark curiosity, nurture creativity, and ready students to strive academically and personally. Based on my own experience, I completed a variety of subjects during my time at Canons because I had the freedom to choose courses that were best suited to me.

In addition to textbooks, Canons offered me a platform for individual growth. I found aspects of myself I didn't know I had through leadership opportunities, such as the sixth form leadership team, extracurricular activities, such as being a leader at sports camp and the unwavering support of my peers that allowed me to become Head Girl. Our school is well known for its diversity, and one of the ways we highlight this diversity is through events like Culture Day. On Culture Day, staff and students gather to celebrate and highlight the diverse cultures that make our school special. This event encourages understanding and unity among our diverse student body in addition to stimulating a sense of pride in one's cultural background.

My Journey at Canons comes to an end this academic year. As I say goodbye, I do so with a great deal of gratitude and excitement for the opportunities ahead. To the future students of canons, I encourage you to embrace every moment and savour the challenges and joys of high school.

Ali Yaqoobi - Year 13

Although my time at canons hasn’t been too long, the impact it has had on me is immense. Canons has helped me develop my character as a young adult and I have witnessed my fellow classmates do the same.

Canons has allowed us to strive academically while also enjoying our time at school. This is due to the motivation and level of knowledge delivered by our teachers. Here at canons we believe in excellence for all, so we look down upon discrimination. Canons has allowed me and many others to feel as if we are part of a community. This allows us to acknowledge that we are in this academic journey together, so we look out for one another.

Beyond our academic side, canons values student discipline and well-being. Our teachers are welcoming and focus on meeting their student’s needs. This includes a designated form tutor for students whom we can discuss our needs and issues with. We have rewards, such as trips, in place for achievements because we understand that student happiness is a priority. This boosts our consistency and hard work.

As students, our roles in our community are prominent. For example, while working tightly with teachers, our sixth form student leadership team organises events around the school. Opportunities like this show us that we, as students, also have an integral role to play at Canons. At Canons, we believe in the bigger picture. Our diverse community has seen students go on to peruse unimaginable careers and I am sure this will continue to happen throughout the years because Canons gives us all an opportunity to strive to excellence.