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Canons High School

Sixth Form Bridging Work

Transition work for Y12 moving into Y13

Each Subject department will set the bridging work via Edulink


Transition work for Y11 moving into Y12

Bridging work for Year 11 Transition into Year 12 introduction
Art - Photography
Y12 Art bridging workY12 Photography bridging work
Business Studies - Economics - Law
Y12 A Level Business Studies transition knowledge booklet
Y12 Law bridging workY12 Economics bridging work
Computer Science
Y12 A Level Computer Science bridging WorkY12 T Level Digital Production, Design & Development bridging work
Drama & Theatre
Y12 Instructions for bridging workThat Face- Polly Stenham - Drama bridging work


Y12 English bridging work

Health & Social Care
Y12 Health and Social Care revision guide

Task: Prepare a presentation on one of these 6 life stages. Consider growth and development in terms of physical, intellectual, emotional and social changes.

Infancy (0–2 years)

  • Early childhood (3–8 years)
  • Adolescence (9–18 years)
  • Early adulthood (19–45 years)
  • Middle adulthood (46–65 years)
  • Later adulthood (65+ years)



Y12 History - Reading bridging work

Y12 History - scheme of learning and specification

Y12 History - Why did Labour win in 1945 - Pearce - bridging workY12 History - wider reading and building knowledge log - bridging work
awaiting contents

Y12 mathematics bridging work
Media Studies
Y12 Media Studies work instructions booklet - bridging workY12 Media Studies Bridging work 
Y12 Politics A Level bridging work


Y12 Psychology bridging work

Religious Studies

Y12 Religious Studies bridging work


Y12 Physics bridging work

Y12 Biology bridging workY12 Chemistry bridging work
Y12 Sociology bridging work

Y12 Sport Level 2-Level 3