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Canons High School


The Governing Body plays a key role in supporting the Headteacher and staff of Canons. They include parent and staff governors who are elected to their roles, as well as a number of individuals from the community and beyond. All Governors bring a range of skills and real enthusiasm to Canons.

The full list of Governors is;  

Governing Body 2023-24

Mr K Rutter (Member)- Re-appointment 12.5.19

Mr T Norbert (Member) - Appointment 14.3.22

Mr J Blege (Member) - Appointment 18.5.22 - Resigned on 16.11.23

Ms J Hart (Member) - Appointment 10.10.18

Mr A Hickin (Member) - Re-appointment 12.5.19

Ms C. Harrison (Member) - Appointment 13.9.22 - Resigned 31.1.24

Ms J Jaffray (Member) - Appointment 1.2.23    

Mr J Green – Appointment 1.9.23 (Chair of Governors)

Mr M Schindler (Member) - Appointment 1.9.23 

Mr K Gure (Member) - Appointed 1.9.23 

Ms D Akonor (Member) - Appointed 1.10.23

Ms N Cain (Member) - appointment 1.10.23

Dr E Israel (Member) - Appointment23.3.24

Ms C Reffold (Member) - Appointment 30.4.24


Parent Governors  


Ms F Quintyne - Appointment 2.12.22

Staff Governors

Mr S Beck - Appointment 18.5.22



                                  Governor Bios                                       Governing Body Meetings Dates

The Governors and Members of the Canons High School Trust are required to complete a register of interests and for the financial year 2014/15, 2015/16, 2016/17, 2017/18, 2018/19, 2019/20, 2020/21, 2021/22, 2022/23 and 2023/24 and that there were no relevant interests to declare, apart from those shown below.

For 2023/24 Mr T Norbert has declared that he is a Board Member of Ignite Youth, Mr A Hickin has declared that he is a Director of the ASCAT MAT, and Ms F Quintyne has declared that she is a Governor at Kenmore Park School and a member of the Management Committee for the Helix Education Centre. Mr M Schindler he is the owner of Michael Schindler Associates. Mr J Green has declared he is a Board Member of the Sephardi Kashrut Authority.

For further details regarding Governing Body structure, responsibilities, committees and meeting attendance annually.  *Please refer to the relevant sections in the Financial Statements.

Schools must publish the number of employees who have gross annual salary and benefits of £100,000 or more.  *Please see page 34; Point 10  of the Financial Statements 2023  

Other details regarding the Governing Body can be found on (GIAS) Get Information about Schools:   

Financial Statements    Article of Association 

Scheme of Delegation 2023

Funding Agreement