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Canons High School

Canons High School Consultation 2023-2024

5th February 2024 to 23rd February 2024

Asking for views on proposed future changes at Canons High School


This consultation is available to fill in on this page - Closing date on 23rd February 2024 at 12 noon



Canons High School are seeking your views on proposals to develop a new provision at Canons High School to meet increasing demand in Harrow for children with special educational needs.

 The consultation process is being undertaken in accordance with the Department for Education’s guidance ‘Making Changes to an open Academy’ (January 2022).

Academy trusts proposing to make a significant change MUST submit a proposal for change and follow the required process, in advance of the change being made, even when it is the LA that is requesting the change. For all proposed changes the Academy must request consent from the DfE at least three months before the change coming into effect.  The academy trust will need to demonstrate that a fair and open local consultation has been undertaken with all those who could be affected by the proposed change, and that the academy trust has considered all responses received. Comments or objections can be made on any grounds and opportunities for feedback should be given at all public and stakeholder meetings.


Current Situation

In Harrow children with special educational needs go to a range of settings including mainstream schools, additionally resourced mainstream school settings, and special schools. Some students also attend schools outside of Harrow.

Harrow is experiencing a growing and changing population and the number of children with complex special needs is increasing.  This is placing pressure on the places available for students with severe and complex special educational needs. To meet the growing needs, both Shaftesbury and Alexandra school have increased the types of special needs they support to include students with moderate to severe learning difficulties.  

In order to extend the range of possible places available for children with moderate learning difficulties, the Council is proposing to create additional provision and create choice for parents of students with moderate learning difficulties and/or autism by establishing an additionally resourced provision at Canons High School.


Proposal for Canons High School

Canons High is an inclusive secondary school that welcomes students from a range of backgrounds and with a range of different needs. This includes students with complex and high levels of special educational need. Canons is a school for students aged 11-18 and there are 1050 places from Year 7 to Year 11 and approximately 270 students in 6th form.  

Harrow Council is proposing to establish specialist provision at Canons High for students who have moderate learning difficulties and/or autism. One provision is  proposed – a 12 place school provision.  The aim of the provision will be to offer improved outcomes for students with moderate learning difficulties and/or autistic spectrum disorder (ASD).

The provision will offer inclusive education and social opportunities, alongside access to specialist intervention from teaching staff and in-class support.

Students attending the resourced provision will have an Education Health and Care Plan (EHCP) and receive special educational support they require from appropriately qualified staff. Any additional services from partner agencies, where required as specified on their EHC plan will also be provided. 

The ARMs (At Risked Mental State) provision is required from September 2024. The development of the provision is part of a long term strategy to increase special school provision in Harrow.  This is in accordance with the Strategic Priority 1 in the SEND Strategy to increase provision in Harrow to meet growing need.

The provision will require additional and suitable accommodation to create an appropriate teaching and learning environment. An area within the school has been identified and a scope of works outlined. These include works to develop new teaching room, group room. The design includes the installation of new student toilets.

Canons High School will receive additional funding for the unit.


How to respond

We would like to hear your views and would ask that you complete the form online before 23rd February 2024.

As part of this consultation, the governing body invites you to attend a drop in session where you can discuss and ask further questions about the proposal on Wednesday 21st February 2024 at 4.30pm.

If you have any questions about this consultation, please contact: David Bullock (Principal) via We look forward to receiving your views on this proposal.  

Closing date 12 noon on 23rd February 2024


Next Steps

Responses to the consultation will be considered by the schools governors and will form part of the application for the significant change application.


Consultation Questionnaire


The form is currently not available at this time.