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Canons High School

Community & Partnerships

Our vision statement prioritises both inclusiveness and excellence and so we strive to ensure all members of our community feel a sense of belonging and motivation.  Because our diversity is our strength, we prioritise equality and fairness in all that we do, ensuring that every child can access our curriculum and the personal development opportunities that enrich our students’ lives.

Community has always been at our heart and, as a result, we have developed close partnerships to benefit our students and their families. We believe in the value of early intervention, as this can prevent issues becoming stressful and affecting the mental and physical health of the individuals in our community.

In order to support students and families, we routinely work with a variety of external agencies, including:

  • The Citizens Advice Bureau, to support families with financial and legal issues.
  • The Police, via our Safer School Officers who work with us to help students and families understand the law.
  • Early Help, who help students avoid getting into difficulties outside school.
  • The Mental Health in Schools Team, who work with students with low mood and anxiety.
  • Harrow Horizons, an external agency run by Barnado’s, who work with children with slightly more complex mental health needs.
  • Barnet Football Club’s Hive Foundation, who offer curriculum opportunities and a route into professional sport, as well as community involvement, for our students.

We also have specialist student and family support staff in school, including:

  • An Attendance Team to help ensure students are not missing out on their education.
  • An Education Welfare/Family Liaison Officer to support families with issues relating to attendance and punctuality .
  • Key Stage Team Leaders and Learning Mentors, who look after the day-to-day needs of students and families.
  • The Learning Development Faculty, including our SENCO and Specialist Learning Mentors, who support students with additional needs.
  • Learning Support Assistants as part of every faculty, who ensure that students with special educational needs can fully access the curriculum.
  • A specialist, accredited School Counsellor, so that our students always have someone to turn to when they need support.
  • A Social Worker, based in school as part of the Social Workers in Schools project, to support families and children with social care issues.
  • A self-referral email account to direct student or family concerns to the person best able to help and support them.

 The school believes that by developing pupils’ characters (their hearts) we will produce an inclusive community of people who demonstrate excellence in valuing equality and diversity in their daily lives.