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Canons High School

Personal, Social and Health Education - PSHE

PSHE is a vital subject that is taught to all students at Canons High.  PSHE stands for Physical, Social, Health and Economic education.  The R stands for religion as we teach religious viewpoints in our Key stage 4 curriculum and C stands for citizenship as we teach that in our key stage 3 curriculum.  PSHE education is of the upmost value to the adolescent population living in the United Kingdom.   Jonathon Baggaley, chief executive officer of the PSHE association describes PSHE as the ‘21st-century subject’ (Bloom 2017).  

PSHE at Canons is taught in a way that embeds inclusivity in our PSHE curriculum as well as through our behaviors and attitudes. PSHE at Canons gives young people a space to convey their ideas, whilst teachers explore statutory elements, knowledge and skills that young people need to have to be able to navigate British society.  The advantages of teaching it and embedding a strong, age appropriate, highly skilled and knowledgeable, and a schools needs based curriculum far outweigh any disadvantages.  Appropriate and effective PSHE is at the heart of our school. PSHE is the subject in which school values, based on British values such as democracy, the rule of law, individual liberty, mutual respect and tolerance of those with different faiths and beliefs shine through. 

PSHE allows students to increase their personal development. Topics that are included in our curriculum are RSHE (Relationship, Sex, Health education), career choices and pathways, media literacy and digital resilience, mental health and emotional wellbeing, managing risks and personal safety, the Equality Act of 2010,  employment rights and responsibilities ,financial choices and fundamental British values.  By teaching these topics, skills and knowledge to young people, we are hoping to convey a long lasting sense of community, excellence and inclusivity in our students minds and a student population that has powerful knowledge of the world beyond Canons High.



 Curriculum Map

Key stage 3 PSHE

Key stage 4 PSHE