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Canons High School

Religious Education Faculty 

Head of Faculty: Adam Litchfield  

Religion is about exploring and understanding the world around us. Religion has always been with us. Throughout history, it has expressed the deepest questions human beings can ask, and it has taken a central place in the lives of virtually all civilizations and cultures. RE allows students to explore ultimate questions such as: Why are we here? Where does evil come from? What happens when we die?

In modern times religion may not be so obviously prominent in the lives of many, yet the claims of religion continue to persist even as scientific and non-religious perspectives have become ever advancing. We still find religion everywhere, on television, in film, in popular music, in our community. We discover religion at the centre of global issues and cultural conflict. We see religion in the lives of the people we know and love, and in ourselves, as we grow and discover the person that we are.

Overall, religion is a powerful and persistent part of humanity. It provokes intense debate and critical questions, after all each and every one of us wants to know more about the world around us and ultimately what our the meaning and purpose is amongst it all.

Through the study of RE you will be able to make direct observations about the world around you, you will learn how to think critically and form philosophical questions, you will gain a cross-cultural understanding of the beliefs and practices that are ever increasing in modern society.


Students who have studied A-Level Religious Education have gone on to careers in politics, the civil service, law, the police, medicine, education and many more.

Curriculum Maps

Key Stage 3

KS3 Philosophy, Religion and Ethics Curriculum Map

Key Stage 4

KS4 religious studies GCSE Curriculum Map

Key Stage 5

KS5 Religious studies A Level Curriculum Map