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Canons High School

Science Faculty

Head of Faculty: Rosanna Cooney 

At Canons, our Science curriculum aims to stimulate a natural fascination of Science and foster curiosity and discovery that goes beyond the classroom out into the wider world.  Our aim is for students to both enjoy and succeed in Science and continue to study Science as they move into higher education.  Our curriculum aims to build both substantive knowledge (models, laws, theories) and disciplinary knowledge (skills and practices of Science). We aspire to ensure that students develop an extensive and connected knowledge base by integrating and building on prior knowledge. This includes learning about the diverse ways that Science generates, and continues to grow, knowledge through scientific enquiry.   We make coherent links between all three Sciences and Maths, making the similarities and differences transparent so that students are able to identify and use the appropriate methods and approaches. Our curriculum includes a systematic approach to teach key scientific vocabulary in line with our whole school literacy focus.  

Our curriculum at KS3 introduces the big ideas across all three Sciences with focus on developing a lasting knowledge of scientific concepts.  This continues into GCSE, where these big ideas are streamlined to prepare students for their GCSE examinations.  For those that continue to A-level Sciences, we move onto more in depth work in Biology, Chemistry and Physics.  Students build on their existing knowledge, apply and advance their understanding to solve problems, and develop both mathematical and practical skills.


Curriculum Maps

Key Stage 3

KS3 Science Curriculum Map

Key Stage 4

KS4 Science GCSE Curriculum Map

Key stage 5

KS5 Applied Science Curriculum Map

KS5 Biology Curriculum Map

KS5 Chemistry Curriculum Map

KS5 Physics Curriculum Map


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