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Canons High School

Science Faculty

The Canons Science Faculty believes that Science is the root of all we are. We believe it is important to have scientific knowledge and skills for success in all aspects of our lives and careers and we encourage students to love science through a range of different activities. We want students to develop the necessary skills and knowledge to excel in their qualifications but to also allow them to make informed choices about their health, to have a sense of stewardship for the world around them and to be able to explain and question why things happen.

Science is an academically rigorous subject and we ensure that all students are able to excel in the subject by assessing students to their prior knowledge, filling any gaps and connecting this knowledge to new learning taking place.

The science teachers at Canons teach science because they love science. We encourage our students to take on extra reading, enter competitions set by science organisations and to visit museums and exhibitions to develop their cultural capital in science.

Curriculum Maps

Key Stage 3

KS3 Science Curriculum Map

Key Stage 4

KS4 Science GCSE Curriculum Map

Key stage 5

KS5 Applied Science Curriculum Map

KS5 Biology Curriculum Map

KS5 Chemistry Curriculum Map

KS5 Physics Curriculum Map


Canons Astronomy Club