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Canons High School

Social Sciences Faculty

Head of Faculty: Kam Wahab  

Social science subjects explore the scientific study of society and social relationships.  The social science department at Canons comprise Psychology, Economics and Sociology. We explore theories which help us to understand how we operate as social beings in a complex system. The aim is to go beyond our own immediate experience and understand the world around us. For example, in Psychology we ask questions such as: Why do humans behave badly? Is this a result of ‘nature’ (their genes) or ‘nurture’ (the environment). In Economics, we explore the variables which make countries rich or poor and how societies allocate scarce resources.  In Sociology, we ask how structures in society such as the family and education shape us as individuals. Ultimately, studying social sciences is about trying to understand how to improve ourselves as well our social institutions.

By exploring these issues, students learn how to use skills of analysis and evaluation in order to make judgments about how our world operates. As social scientists we also learn how to use different types of methods – from experiments to social surveys – to develop new theories or even to refute old ones. We will also learn how to analyse data in order to reach informed conclusions. As social science subjects are not like the natural sciences, there is no such thing as definite facts. This means that students will be expected to explain their point of view in a logical and coherent manner – both verbally and in writing, using supportive evidence.

Studying social sciences subjects carries high academic value. Universities, employers and institutions respect the skills that students bring to them. Indeed, many of our students have gone onto studying social science degrees and have successfully found employment in a variety of fields – from consultancy, to law and to qualifying as health professionals. We are excited by students who have an inquisitive mind about how humans operate in society. We look forward to seeing what you can contribute. Join us.

Curriculum Maps

KS5 Psychology A Level Curriculum Map

KS5 Sociology A Level Curriculum Map