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Canons High School

Message from Chair of Governors

Ms D Akonor - Chair of Governors

My name is Devinia Akonor and I am delighted to be your Chair of Governors.  I have been a Governor at Canons for over three years and have been the link governor for attendance and behaviour.  I am truly honoured, that I have been chosen to serve as the new Chair of Governors of our brilliant academy. It is a post in which I will, with the support of other governors, strive to serve the school with the highest levels of integrity and effort. 

I have worked both in the private and public sector and, over the last ten years, I have held a number of roles within the Civil Service. These roles have all focused on delivering excellent public services to local communities, including the most vulnerable.  I worked at the Department for Education for almost four years having oversight of new academy building projects, and working with the Secretary of State for Education to arrange and deliver high profile visits and events.  My current role at the Department of International Trade, involves leading service transformation and change programmes to support UK businesses export and grow their businesses overseas. 

I am a mother of two.  My daughter attends primary school and my son attends secondary school, so I am directly involved with and constantly learning about the education system.  I have a vested interest in seeing that schools are able to deliver education of the best standards and contribute to the growth and wellbeing of children. I am passionate about the potential of children as a whole and believe that the benefits of a good education cannot be understated.

Working with the school has been very close to my heart.  Over the past 3 years, I have seen the ongoing improvement of our academy, and I am pleased to be part of the journey. Our governing body has grown in strength, with a number of new governors who share a willingness to add value through their diverse skills, experience, expertise and their rich knowledge of the local community we serve.  It is my belief that the children at the school will only continue to benefit as time goes on. 

In my new role as Chair to the Governing Body, I am resolute in supporting our academy through this period of transformation to become an Ofsted rated ‘Good’ school.  I will be ardent in helping our academy to achieve high educational standards and practices, driven by data and evidence so every student can achieve their full potential.  We are pleased that our Headteacher, Dr Bartle, brings an exceptional level of commitment, tenacity and resilience to the leadership of the academy and we will fully support him in driving forward the academy's ambitious improvement plan.

Although Governors are not visible on a day to day basis, the work we do serves a vital purpose.  Our role is integral to supporting staff and children, providing checks and balances, as well as being a bridge of communication for parents.  We provide strategic oversight and direction to the academy, holding the Headteacher to account to ensure that the academy's performance and strategic priorities deliver the outcomes we seek to achieve, and demonstrate sound financial management.  Our remit includes having a clear sense of purpose and identity for our academy, where equality and fairness are at the heart of everything we do. Central to this is that the voice of every member is valued and respected.  Our aim is to actualise this through our vision for ‘an inclusive community of excellence for heart, minds and futures’ while embedding the practices to support, inspire and nurture our students to achieve true greatness. I believe we can achieve this by cultivating the right learning environment to drive us to deliver our goals and achieve the best outcomes possible for all students. 

Education is a huge asset that can unlock opportunities, enhance future prospects and improve quality of life.  Governors know the impact education has had on our own lives and Canons High School is equipped to do the same for you, whether you are a member of our staff, student or family communities. We are proud that we are your school of choice.

The resilience in our students and staff, as well as their achievements and successes, during the height of the pandemic was truly inspirational in spite of difficult and unprecedented circumstances.  We would like to thank parents for their continued support as we adapted to a new way of working during the pandemic.  We also wish to commend your adaptability, becoming teachers at home during the lockdown in many cases.  It was not an easy time but was something we all shared and got through together.  As we start this new academic year, I would like to take this opportunity to wish all our students, parents and staff a happy and successful year ahead.