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Canons High School

Your December 2023 Round-Up of Other News.

In this edition...

  • End of Term Celebrations
  • Movember 2023
  • Doughnut Mondays
  • Maths Inspirations Show




End of Term Celebrations Assemblies

December 2023

It's vitally important that our students are rewarded for when they do well or achieve highly. Everyone likes to know and to be told when they've done well, and to know that they are on the right path.

The culmination of this is special Celebration Assemblies at the end of each term, for each year group.

Gathered together in the hall, along with their teachers and form tutors, each year group shared in the success of themselves and their friends as certificates and special badges were handed out.

Overseeing the assemblies this term was now permanently appointed Assistant Headteacher, Mr A Litchfield, allowing Principal Mr David Bullock more freedom to hand out the rewards and shake hands.

Attendance - Under Mr Bullock's new leadership, the Celebration Rewards included both '100% Attendance' and 'Great Attendance' rewards, the latter for achieving 97% or over.

Keys for Success - Keys for Success badges and certificates were also handed out to those achieving the achievement point thresholds for either a bronze, silver or Gold reward,

Special Principal's Award & Head of Year's Award  Also this school year were two new very special awards, each presented to just one student in each year group.  These students received a certificate and one of our very special and limited edition Gold Canons High pin badges, which had only recently been created for this very reason.

Jack Petchey Achievement Awards - The three winners of Jack Petchey awards this term also had their moment of fame and a special handshake from the Principal. They will also be invited to the official Annual Jack Petchey Awards evening next year.

NEW Canons House Cup - Another introduction this school year is the Canons House Cup. 

The students' 'Houses' will be made up of all the matching colour tutor groups from all the year groups, so for instance, all the Red tutor groups will become part of 'Red' house.

The house with the most achievement points at the very end of the school year will be rewarded with a trip to Thorpe Park. Currently, after one term, Violet House is in the lead, but it could all change!


...and finally

We asked, they answered.

Students were asked what would they like as a reward for doing well. A quick and natural response was chocolate! So, each winner also received a delicious bar of chocolate.  







 Have you ever tried to eat a doughnut without licking your lips?


Doughnut Monday

"What would be a reward that you would like to receive, should your tutor group manage the best attendance record each week?" we asked the students.

"A whole tray of doughnuts!" someone cried!

"Okay" we responded; and I don't think they believed us until the first Doughnut Monday came around and sure enough, a whole tray of doughnuts was carried into the winning tutor group of each year group during their tutor time.



The doughnuts are freshly prepared by our wonderful canteen staff, and being in a school, are of a healthy but still tasty low fat, low sugar recipe. Still yummy though.







For the past 14 years, Canons High has fielded a small team of men taking part in the Movember charity fundraising event.

This year, with regular members having left, the team had diminished to just Mr Fowler from the Media Resources Team, but not put off, and with such a well deserving charity to support, he carried on regardless.

Growing a moustache, (or 'Mo' as it's colloquially known in Australia, where the Movember event originated), he raised awareness and money for the Movember Foundation. They support men's health concerns, mainly testicular & prostate cancer, suicide prevention & men's wellbeing. He wore his mo like a badge of honour.

Mainly due to the unending support and generosity of the friends, colleagues and donating Sixth Form students at Canons High, a wonderful £981 was raised.

In a strange twist, the Canons School Movember Team, (despite being a team of one) still found themselves in the official Top 20 of UK schools taking part!

Enormous thanks go to everyone who donated to this great cause, made kind or funny comments and compliments about his moustache and supported him once again. As he said "I will keep on doing this until a cure for cancer is found!"






Maths Inspirations Show

Towards the end of November, a group of our Year 12 Sixth Form students visited the Maths Inspiration show at The Cambridge Theatre in London.


Maths Inspiration is a national programme of interactive, fun and very engaging maths lecture shows for 14 -17 aged teenagers.

Maths Lecture! Sounds a bit boring?  Let me try and assure you that it certainly wasn't. Each year our visiting students are amazed by the mathematical involvement in so many things which they had though of as not being 'mathy'.  The lectures this season included titles such as 'The Shape of Escape', 'The Sacred Geometry of Chance' and 'Are you smarter than AI?'.