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Canons High School

'As You Like It'

performed by Canons High students at the Coram Shakespeare Schools Festival.

On 1st March, 425 years after the pastoral comedy play 'As You Like It' was written by William Shakespeare, our young actors performed an incredible live abridged adaptation on stage at the multi-award winning cultural hub in North Finchley.

A great achievement from our students, as this performance demanded a huge amount of time, dedication and effort.

Well done to: Nikisha R. 7R,  Flavian O. 7Y,  Josephine O. W. 8B,  Rabaab A. 8I,  Timeea L. 8V,  Miriam O. 8B,  Alex P.l 8I,  Jazmya H. 8I,  Sonia D. E O. 8V,  Andrea H. 9G,  Perikles K.u 10B,  Lily D.10B,  Aida P. 10G,  Diana G. 11Y,  Andreea C. 12G & Eirene H. 13B.

Huge thanks to Ms K Emmerson from our English Department (a self confessed Shakespeare Nut), for passionately organising this great opportunity for our young actors, taking them under her wing, showing them how to spread their wings and supporting them every inch of the way.


"All the world's a stage,
And all the men and women merely players;
They have their exits and their entrances,
And one man in his time plays many parts"
(Act 2, Scene 7).




Coram SSF

is a cultural education charity that exists to instil curiosity and empathy, aspiration and self-esteem, literacy and teamwork - giving young people the confidence to see that all the world is their stage.



Shakespeare Schools Theatre Festival

is a cultural education project that supports young people to perform abridged Shakespeare plays on professional theatre stages.

From Northern Stage in Newcastle to Gwyn Hall in Neath, they work with some of the country's most outstanding regional venues to give thousands of young people each year a vital cultural experience.