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Canons High School

Your March 2024 Round-Up of Other News...

In this edition...

  • Year 11 Football Thriller
  • Author Visit
  • Careers Fair
  • Red Nose Day
  • 'Speak Out' Challenge
  • British Science Week
  • Languages Spelling Competition
  • Loughborough Uni Visit
  • Maths Feast Competition
  • Oliver Mitchell Writing Competition



 Just to confirm guys, how many goals did you score in your win against Harrow High? 


Year 11 Boys Football Thriller!

Year 11 beat Harrow High School in a thriller match over at The Hive 5-4, with a last minute winner! Very well done to the squad and also congratulations to their Management and Training staff, Mr B Adenekan and Mr B Aartry.





Sue Wallman Author Visit

We were thrilled to welcome successful young adult fiction author Sue Wallman to Canons High on 12th March.

Our Key Stage 3 year groups, 7, 8 & 9, enjoyed assemblies with her in our hall, where she spoke about how she got into writing, what influences her and what she's learned along the way, before answering some thoughtful questions from our students.


Brief Autobio

"I’m the daughter of a psychiatrist and a nurse, and grew up with an interest in human behaviour. I spent my awkward teenage years in Highcliffe on the south coast of England. I loved reading and did a lot of hanging about in a small town where nothing much happened.  

After gaining a degree in English Literature & Publishing at Oxford Brooks University, I worked for a newspaper in Paris, and magazines in London, then became a secondary school librarian for six years. Now I am fulfilling my dream of writing and doing writing-related events full-time.

My journey to publication took eight years, and picked up pace when I won The Woman’s Prize for Fiction First Chapter Award in 2013. My debut, Lying About Last Summer, was published in 2016. (It was actually the fifth young adult book I'd written!)"



After the assembly, smaller groups of students then took part in special writers workshops with Sue, held in our Library.

It's always interesting to see how 'normal' and 'human' most successful authors are, further encouraging young writers to keep on writing, especially after seeing where it might possible take them.
She also made herself available at lunchtime for more informal conversations with students. 
Huge thanks Sue for visiting us, and to our fantastic Library team of Librarian Miss K Daniels and Assistant Miss J Baah for organising and running this great day.



 Careers Fair


On March 19th our hall was full of visiting representatives of various career and Post-16 routes our students could consider. 

Attending in small groups, our students were free to browse, ask questions, listen to guidance and take in all the information that was available.

Our visiting contributors included the Fire Service, the Royal Navy, the British Army, Middlesex University, Stanmore College, Islington College, Brunel College, British Airways, the Civil Service and many more.


The Royal Navy stand pulled in large crowds who tried out several little hands-on and independent thinking puzzles and tasks. It was all part of the navy's principle of self sufficiency, born of necessity when on a ship  in the middle of an ocean.

Plus, the Royal Marines, one of the most highly regarded fighting units in the world, are part of the Royal Navy, and not the British Army as many presume!  


...But the British Army were also in attendance,  promoting the huge variety of opportunities they have to offer.

It's not all combat!

As with all our Armed Services, for every person actually directly involved in a combat role, there are at least 10 others supporting them. Their roles involve training, maintenance, logistics, administration, catering, medical, transport and dozens of other specialisms.



A Successful Event.

The employers and representatives who attended provided positive feedback, noting how good our students' behaviour was. They were also impressed by their politeness and engagement throughout the day. Most have already agreed to come back next year. 

Our Careers Fair, now a firm annual event, was organised by our Careers and Business links Manager Ms N O'Sullivan. She is extremely grateful to all those who came in to visit our school and our students that day.

She also extended her gratitude to the staff who assisted in the success of the day, especially our dedicated Business Manager Mr S Newton who was on his feet, helping, all day long, and without whose help the event wouldn't have been such a positive and meaningful experience for our students. 







The craziness before the storm.

Members of our Senior Leadership Team checking they are ready for the epic day ahead. 




Friday 15th March 2024

Students were encouraged to wear the colour of their School House, (we are still undecided on names for them), whilst staff were encouraged to wear the traditional Comic Relief red, and Red Noses, as we joined in with the annual 'Red Nose Day' fund raising event.

There were fun and games thoughout the day, including a Staff vs Students basketball shoot-out and a HiiT Session in the hall with Leader of Faculty for PE, Mr B Rawlings. 

Official Red Noses were for sale and students donated £1 to wear their own clothes, all of which led to a fantastic £560 being raised for Comic Relief, and a lot of awareness of the reasons for this.



Comic Relief is an operating British charity, founded in 1985 by the comedy scriptwriter Richard Curtis and comedian Sir Lenny Henry in response to the 1985 famine in Ethiopia and Sudan.

 The concept of Comic Relief was to get British comedians to make the public laugh, while raising money to help people around the world and in the United Kingdom.

The highlight of Comic Relief's appeal is the annual Red Nose Day








Congratulations to Mohamed W in Year 10 for his fantastic speech at his regional final of part of the Jack Petchey's 'Speak Out' Challenge, held at Bentley Wood .

Mohamed spoke passionately on his chosen topic of 'Struggles of an Immigrant', a matter which surely would have been either enlightening or deeply understood by the packed audience.

Unfortunately, Mohamed and his understudy and peer support Ismail K didn't make it through to the next round, but still made us all extremely proud.

We will be hosting a second 'Speak Out' workshop in the summer and in next years competition we will be able to enter two main speakers, so bring it on!





British Science Week at Canons

A ten-day celebration of Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths started on 8th March and ran through until 17th March 2024.

At Canons, we celebrated this event with a Scientists Hunt,  where information cards about famous scientists were placed around the school, and even on the backs of some teacher's ID badges, for students to hunt down and add to their tally.

A science Infographic Poster Design Competition (for KS3) also ran and a screening of the movie "The Martian" took place over two late afternoons. A great movie in its own right, but it also explores many exciting, real and developing scientific developments such as human interplanetary space travel, terraforming and growing plants on alien planets. 








A Spelling  Competition... ...but with  

'une différence'.


Several of our Year 7 Languages students took part in their regional round of the National Foreign Spelling Bee competition, on the 5th of March.

Hosted by Rokeby School in Barking, East London, on behalf of 'Routes into Languages', a national project overseen by the University Council For Languages., it was a traditional 'Spelling Bee' competition, but with a not too surprising difference...

the competitors had to correctly spell out their assigned words in their chosen foreign language, either French, Spanish or German! 

Congratulations to Lemar B, Amika F and Mariam M in Year 7 for already winning the first 3 stages of the competition, which led them to this regional final.  However, despite their great effort, they will not be going through to the National Final stage.

Lemar was doing the spelling in French whilst Amika and Mariam chose Spanish.

Despite their competition ending at this point it is still a huge achievement to have gone so far.

The competition is split in 4 stages and competitors must learn 50 words per stage in their chosen language, totaling 200 words if they reach the national final.

Not as simple as it might sound.

Random words from their studied list are being called out in English, and they require being first translated into the target language and then spelt out correctly, each letter individually, also in the target language.




Loughborough University Trip

Year 9 students were taken to Loughborough University on 13th March with the aim of inspiring them and helping them to focus in preparation for their upcoming GCSE journeys.
It was lead by a Canons alumni who also happens to be an alumni of Loughborough university, Anna Milewska, who left us back in 2013. She now works there as a Senior Outreach Officer.  Thank you Anna for this great opportunity. Students enjoyed the visit very much.
Anna had previously been back to visit us at Canons just before last Christmas, when she spoke with our Year 11s about University choices, just prior to them completing their Sixth Form applications.






Maths Feast 2024 at Canons

Canons hosted a 'Maths Feast' on 22nd March, welcoming competing teams from ten other high schools in the North-West London region.

72 visiting students made up 18 teams of four, and we entered another 2 teams, all eager to show how good their maths skills were as they took on an 'All You Can Eat' feast of progressively more difficult mathematical problems. 

There were several rounds requiring different skills and strategies for success. Each event takes between two and three hours, and awards will be given for good teamwork and for the winning team of each round.

This competition was organised by AMSP (the Advanced Mathematics Support Programme) and was inspired by the structure of the much-loved Senior Maths Challenge which used to be run by UKMT (UK Mathematics Trust).

It is designed for the senior levels, aimed at Sixth Form and selected Year 11 Maths students. 

We entered 2 teams of Year 11 students who were joined by a Year 12s. They enjoyed themselves and one of our teams managed to come 13th out of 20. This is still very respectful when you consider that most of the other teams consisted of older and more advanced Year 13 students.


The schools taking part were Canons High, Alperton Community School, Bentley Wood High, James Allen Girls School, Michaela Community School, Mill Hill County High, Preston Manor, St Gregory's Catholic Science College, St James' Catholic High, Habberdasher's Girls' School and Harrow School.


Mrs P Balani, our Maths Deputy, patiently overseeing one of our teams, but not allowed to actually assist in any way! Not easy.



Oliver Mitchell Memorial Essay Writing Competition

To encourage secondary school students from the broadest range of backgrounds to think about foreign affairs careers, the Oliver Mitchell Memorial Essay writing competition in Westminster has been launched.
20 strong entries from across the UK have been received and one of them is from our amazing student Roxolana G in year 12 who won the Special Award for her inspirational essay on the war in Ukraine at the Oliver Mitchell Memorial Essay writing competition in the House of Commons. Westminster. She attended the event along with the Principal and teachers from Canons High on March 27th.

Her prize was a two-week, paid foreign affairs internship in Dublin, in the Republic of Ireland.