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Canons High School

Your May 2024 Round-Up of Other News...

In this edition...

  • Year 7 'Your Life, You Choose' event
  • UKMT Junior Maths Challenge RESULTS
  • The SHARP System
  • Year 11s 'Last Day' 
  • Year 13s Leavers Brunch
  • Harrow Borough Athletics Championships





Year 7 students had a great opportunity during our latest enrichment day on April 17th to be part of the award-winning 'Your Life, You Choose' Brent & Barnet  programme.

This delivers one day multi-agency presentations to deter young people from crime, raise awareness of the consequences of their choices and empower them to make better decisions and keep themselves safe. The project is led by magistrates in the North West London Justice Area.

This multi agency approach delivers a different perspective in each workshop ensuring a complete understanding and recognition of ‘choice’ and ‘consequence’ resonate with all students.

The students discuss the life choices they have and the consequences of making the wrong choices. The programme encourages young people to make informed decisions and to understand they have a choice about the path they take in life.

As an example,
if you saw an NHS Paramedic giving a presentation to students which involved diagrams of the human body's blood and nervous systems, you might be forgiven to think it was to promote careers in Nursing.
Not so,
in this case it was a stark and thought provoking talk about the real devastating implications of being stabbed! and therefore the possible implications of carrying a knife.



Student feedback:

"In Pathways, I forgot the lady’s name, but she did amazing work and it must be hard explaining all that she’s been through and I really do appreciate her spending the time to explain her life story to me. It was really interesting and just getting to know the other side to life, consequences, she was a really engaging person while sharing to, thank you so much!"


"The London ambulance service was engaging and informative and I thought it was the best part of the day."


"You need to make good choices so in the future you will have your education and be able to do your goals you want to accomplish"


"since young I’ve always been good in general anyway, but it gives me a bigger sight into seeing how dark, vile this world can be and it taught me loads of this, medical side and how to keep safe. I’d like to thank all the team for helping me understand and thank you all for sharing your life experiences"


"I think that if you choose bad choices that will impact your future in a bad way that's why you need to be careful about your choices."





UKMT Junior Maths Challenge


We have finally received the official results from the UKMT Junior Challenge which our students took part in a short time ago...
We had 57 students in total participating in this challenge.
This year’s certificate thresholds are as follows:
Gold: 86+ points
Silver: 70+ points
Bronze: 57+ points
All students below the Bronze threshold will however receive a certificate of Participation.

To progress to the next level:
Junior Mathematical Olympiad: 123+ points
Junior Kangaroo: 92+ points
(UK schools only)

Congratulations to:
in Year 7:
Ramy A 97 Gold (Best in Year)
Ramy will go through to the next round, the Junior Kangaroo Challenge.
Good luck!

Amika F 74 Silver, Laiba I A 80 Silver, Mariam M 85 Silver, Flavian O 70 Silver & Purv S 79 Silver

Rares A 61 Bronze, Ilva B 59 Bronze, 
Nikita B 69 Bronze, Izabela B 63 Bronze &
Sediqa R 59 Bronze

in Year 8:
Navien R S 101 Gold (Best in Year)
Daniel A 95 Gold
Navien and Daniel will go through to the next round, the Junior Kangaroo Challenge.
Good luck!

Ionatan F 91 Gold, Jayen Vi 87 Gold, 
Esam M 77 Silver, Athar M 70 Silver, 
Aayan A 62 Bronze, Timotei B 57 Bronze,
Zahra H 59 Bronze, Urmi L 62 Bronze,
Adrian M 61 Bronze, Rikisha M 68 Bronze,
Miriam O 59 Bronze, Roxana Pr 63 Bronze,
Shoaib Q 69 Bronze.

Well done to all our students who participated in this tough challenge.
Great effort!
Mrs P Balani  |  Maths Dept


The UK Maths Trust is the leading charity that advances the education of young people in maths.
For over 20 years they have been inspiring a love of problem solving through maths challenges and enrichment activities, delivered by hundreds of volunteers
Junior Challenges
UKMT Junior Challenges are aimed at students year 8 and below. Starting with the Junior Maths Challenge, with the Kangaroo and Olympiad as follow-on rounds, these are designed to challenge and engage your students.
Junior Mathematical Challenge
A 60 minute, 25 multiple choice Challenge. It encourages mathematical reasoning, precision of thought and fluency to make students think. The problems on the Junior Maths Challenge are designed to make students think, most are accessible yet still challenge those with more experience. 





welcome to the School Help Advice Reporting Pathway system (SHARP)



 Year 11 - Last Day of School (almost)



Friday 3rd May was the last day of our current Year 11s 'usual' schooling...

 ...but wait, it's not over yet!


Despite having enjoyed a lively celebration assembly on that last Friday, where certificates were  handed out and final words of wisdom dispensed, they were back just 3 days later as their final GCSE examinations season swung fully into operation.

They should still be attending their usual timetabled classes but the emphasis will now be on revision and exam skills.

Now is the last chance to get those calculations straight in your head, practice how you're going to express your thoughts on a particular question or nail down those theories and practises you've been learning about for the last few years.

And of course, your teachers are going to still be there, answering your questions, confirming your thoughts and offering as much help and support as they possibly can. 



There's also a short Instagram Reel showing our Year 11s being applauded out of the school on their 'last day'

This can be found on our facebook and instagram social media sites.

CLICK ABOVE or try the links at the very top of this page.


 Shirt Signing Art

The tradition of getting your school shirt signed by your friends and teachers on the last day of school has moved up to a whole new amazing level in the past few years.

Here are just a few examples. Impressive! 


Unusual this year is that our students no longer wear white school shirts. Canons High switched over to the red polo shirts last September. However, our leaving Year 11s seemed to have some old ones tucked away.



 A few of the 'Funny Award' certificates created by our Media Resources Team for the occasion.

The award categories and the winners are imagined and chosen by our KS4 Student Services Team in this instance, with some help from the students themselves.



Year 13s Leavers Brunch


A lovely brunch was organised for our most senior year group on Friday 10th May.

It allowed us to celebrate all of the achievements of our oldest year group, our Year 13s, and a special opportunity to say goodbye as their time here at Canons High finally comes to an end.

With university, apprenticeship and even job  applications already submitted, the next stage of their young lives was awaiting them.

There's just the small matter of some final exams to complete first.

It was a time for carefully composed speeches and impromptu final words, for celebrations and recollections.

It was also the birthday of the Head Student, Nim, so a few cards and presents for her in front of her peers.




The Celebration was a great idea and enjoyed by all, staff and students. Special thanks to our Director of Sixth Form, Ms J Smith and her tight knit team for making it happen.


7 Years was a long time...

especially when you are only 18 years old!

One of the joys of working in a school is seeing young people growing up, maturing and flourishing. It might sound a bit corny, but it's true!

Mr Fowler from our Media Resources Team was a tutor to a Year 7 class when they first started at Canons High back in 2017.

"It seems like only yesterday that I was welcoming 7 Red on their first day of school. They were very young, a bit frightened, quite excited, with their whole high school experience ahead of them.

It was my duty to check in on them every day, see that they were safe, ensure they were aware of any events or special arrangements that affected them and 'be there' for them whenever they needed me.

Oh, and to answer ANY questions they might have... "No, there isn't a ghost in the girl's toilets!" (too much Harry Potter).

You didn't always feel appreciated and it could be quite challenging at times, but it was important and it was 'all about them'.

Some of this old tutor group have asked me in the past,

"do you remember me Sir?"

Of course I do, and I'm extremely proud to see how you have grown and succeeded.

Well done, good luck and thank you, to all our Year 13 leavers. " 





Harrow Borough Athletics Championships

Congratulations to our Athletics squad who travelled over to Harrow School to take part in the local championships on Friday 10th May.

They competed successfully and represented Canons High extremely well.

We are very proud of the whole squad. 




Special mentions to Alfred O - 100m GOLD,  Samuel S - Javelin SILVER,  Adyan A - Discus GOLD &  Kevin W -200m SILVER.