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Canons High School

Jack Petchey Student Achievement Awards for Autumn 2023

Canons High has been working with the Jack Petchey Foundation for many, many years now.  For the school year 2023/24 we have set up a new Jack Petchey display board outside our Library, and will be awarding...  

3 Achievement Awards each term.

Winning students each receive a certificate, badge, medal, £250 to spend on something exciting for their school, and an invite to the glitzy annual Jack Petchey Awards Ceremony, held at a local theatre. 

1 Leader Award each year.

The single winning member of staff receives all the above, but a larger cash sum to spend on something special for the students and school.



This Autumn Term 2023's winners are...

Aditya M   (Year 7)    

Aditya has been seen going  above and beyond with his work and does not hesitate to explain or help other students around him. 

He has shown excellent professional conduct within the school and conversations and has been seen as  excelling role model with the conversations he has had with staff and students.


Vianna G   (Year 11)

Vianna is making an outstanding progress in Photography. Her portfolio is very well presented with photographic pieces and ideas well developed and planned with intention. She is able to complete her personal investigation as well take the right inspiration from artists she is studying. Vianna has been seen as a diligent student in Engineering where she has excelled in her work going beyond and helping students. She has been seen as a diligent role model with her peers and her work ethic.


Aleena S   (Year 12)

Aleena is a wonderful role model to her peers. Aleena has been very helpful and been tutoring students to help them with there GCSE grades, Aleena is  very hardworking and determined student who has inspired a lot of her friends to be as dedicated as she is.









  Who is

Jack Petchey?

Sir Jack is an incredible inspiration to everyone who works at the Foundation. Even at 98* he takes an active interest in the running of the charity, as do the rest of his family who share his vision.

He was born into a working class family in the poorer East End of London in 1925, left school at 13 and then joined the Navy in 1943 as World War II raged. After leaving the Navy, he began working as a clerk for a solicitor’s firm. He applied for management training but was told he would never make a businessman.

Instead of giving up, Sir Jack used the £39 he was given from the Navy to buy a second hand car and started a small taxi business. Through hard work and innovative thinking, he proved them wrong and built a multi-million-pound empire.

Sir Jack’s experiences led to his passion to increase young peoples’ aspirations by rewarding their achievements.

In 2016, Sir Jack received his knighthood from Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II in recognition of his many years of charitable work.

*as at November 2023


“Some people say I’ve been lucky, but a lot of success is about having courage to make decisions and take advantage of opportunities."