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Canons High School

New Year, New Term, New Students.

On the first day of this Autumn Term when our new Year 7 students arrived, they and their parents were welcomed by a large number of Canons High staff.

Their new New Tutors, Teachers and members of Support Staff helped our new students to find their seats, answer any questions and settle them in. Two young ladies sitting quite confidently together at the front of the Hall, obviously now in the same tutor group, were asked if they were friends. "We are now!" they replied.

Our new Principal Mr David Bullock welcomed our new youngest Canons' students with an inspirational presentation focused on everyone doing their best and never giving up,  before handing over to their new Head of Year, Ms N Marrey.

Using the analogy of an adventurer's compass she explained how she was there to point them in the right direction, and help them get back on track if they found themselves a bit lost. We will obviously follow their progress on this new adventure with huge interest.