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Canons High School

A-Level History and Politics trip to the Houses of Parliament

The A-level History and Politics trip to Parliament on a rainy 23rd January  was an enlightening experience, offering students a firsthand glimpse into the heart of the UK's political system.

The day began with a comprehensive tour of the iconic Westminster Palace, providing a fascinating journey through the historic chambers and corridors where key decisions have shaped the nation's course. The tour delved into the rich history of Parliament, offering insights into the evolution of its architecture and the significance of its various chambers.

 Westminster Hall [above], probably remembered most recently from when her late Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II was lying in state after her death in September 2022. 

This magnificent medieval hall, once the largest in all of Europe and the oldest part of the Palace of Westminster, was built in 1097 at the instructions of King William 'Rufus' II (William the Conqueror's son). 



The highlight of the trip was a workshop that unravelled the intricate process of law creation. Students engaged in interactive sessions, gaining a practical understanding of how ideas transform into legislation.

The workshop, led by knowledgeable guides, demystified the legislative process, from the initial proposal to the final enactment. This hands-on experience proved invaluable for A-Level students studying both history and politics, allowing them to connect theoretical concepts with real-world applications.



Following the workshop, the group embarked on a captivating walking tour of Parliament Square, exploring the open-air museum adorned with statues of influential figures from British history. 

Each statue served as a tangible reminder of the nation's political legacy, sparking discussions among students about the individuals who have left an indelible mark on the country.

Mahatma Ghandi

1869 - 1948


Emmeline Pankhurst

1858 - 1928


Overall, the trip to Parliament provided a dynamic and immersive educational experience, merging theory with practical insights and fostering a deeper appreciation for the intricacies of the political landscape.

Mr M Whelan | Humanities