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Canons High School


The Governing Body plays a key role in supporting the Headteacher and staff of Canons. They include parent and staff governors who are elected to their roles, as well as a number of individuals from the community and beyond. All Governors bring a range of skills and real enthusiasm to Canons.

The full list of Governors is;  

Governing Body 2022-23


Ms D Akonor - Chair - Appointed 2.9.21

Mr T Norbert - Appointed 14.3.22

Ms A Thomas - Appointed 18.11.21 Resigned 13.9.22

Mr R Sood – Appointed 25.3.22

Mr S Shah (LA Appointed Governor) - Appointed 7.7.21

Ms N Cain (Parent Governor) - Appointed 1.11.16

Ms S Quazi - Appointed 22.9.19

Mr J Blege - Appointed 18.5.22

Ms J Hart (Member) - Appointed 10.10.18

Mr A Hickin (Member) - Re-appointed 12.5.19

Mr K Rutter (Member) - Re-appointed 12.5.19

Ms C. Harrison  - Appointed 13.9.22








Message from Chair
of Governors


 Governing Body
Meetings Dates



Parent Governors

Mrs N Cain - Appointed 1.11.16

Ms F Quintyne - Appointed 2.12.22

Staff Governors

Mr S Beck - Appointed 18.5.22

Ms N Aceleci - Appointed 18.5.22



The Governors and Members of the Canons High School Trust are required to complete a register of interests and for the financial year 2014/15, 2015/16, 2016/17, 2017/18, 2018/19, 2019/20, 2020/21,  2021/22 and 2022/23 and that there were no relevant interests to declare, apart from those shown below.

For 2022/23 Mr T Norbert has declared that he is a Board Member of Ignite Youth, Mr A Hickin has declared that he is a Director of the ASCAT MAT, and Ms F Quintyne has declared that she is a Governor at Kenmore Park School and a member of the Management Committee for the Helix Education Centre.


For further details regarding executive pay and Governing Body meeting attendance annually, please refer to the relevant sections in the Financial Statements.

Other details regarding the Governing Body can be found on (GIAS) Get Information about Schools:   


Financial Statements    Article of Association 

Scheme of Delegation

Funding Agreement