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Canons High School

Message from Headteacher

 Dr Keven Bartle

Canons High School is “an inclusive community of excellence for hearts, minds and futures”. We help members of our community to grow as human beings so that they make progress and achieve success in order to reach and extend their goals and aspirations in life.  To achieve this vision at Canons, we hold ourselves and each other to high standards of inclusivity and excellence at all times. 


For the ‘hearts’ of the Canons community, our standards are:

  • All members of the Canons community feel a sense of belonging and motivation.
  • Our health and wellbeing are developed and enhanced so we can be at our best.
  • Our diversity is our strength, and so we prioritise equality and fairness in all that we do.
  • The voices of all our members are listened to, heard, understood and acted upon.
  • An ethic of care enables us to routinely support and challenge others and ourselves.

For the ‘minds’ of the Canons community, our standards are:

  • Canons is a learning community which prioritises powerful knowledge highly.
  • We draw upon trusted evidence to continuously improve what we know and can do.
  • We develop criticality and thoughtfulness through appreciating the ideas of others.
  • Every member of our school is challenged to enlarge their intellectual capacity.
  • We evaluate our work in order to improve individual and collective effectiveness.

And for the ‘futures’ of the Canons community, our standards are:

  • At Canons, we always demonstrate professional attitudes, behaviours and actions.
  • We embrace innovation and technology to enhance our work and impact on others.
  • Individual talents are identified and nurtured through leadership opportunities.
  • Leaders and teams improve their capability to respond effectively to new challenges.
  • We define, refine and redefine standards of excellence through our contributions.


As you can see, Canons is a school that strives to do the best for all members of our community in all aspects of their lives.  This is a caring school, and we recognise that high expectations and strong relationships built on mutual trust are essential for the development of our community and the progress of its individual members.  I hope that this website gives you a taste of what makes us unique as a school and how we celebrate the diversity of all those who are part of our community.