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Canons High School

Professionalism & Values 

At Canons we value each student as an individual and we hold all of our students to the highest professional standards. We work with our students so that they will be successful, well rounded young people who will be ready to face the world with a first-class education.

We expect students to demonstrate the highest professional standards by being:

  • On time to school and all lessons
  • Dressed in the correct school uniform
  • Ready to learn
  • Fully equipped for their lessons
  • On time with their completed homework
  • Engaged in lessons, participating regularly
  • Respectful in their interactions with others
  • Responsible for their actions
  • Effective in building relationships

We value students having the best chance to succeed not only here at Canons but also in whatever goals and ambitions they have  in the future. In order to prepare of students to achieve excellence we teach them value of our Canons Keys for Success and the importance of being able to regularly apply these to all situations.

Our Canons Keys for Success are awarded when students demonstrate that they:

  • Are ready to learn
  • Apply themselves to all they do
  • Show resilience
  • Go above and beyond
  • Working together

Our values and expectations of student professionalism support our vision for an inclusive community of excellence for futures.