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Canons High School

Student Leadership


At Canons student leadership is valued and promoted across all year groups. Students are offered a range of different leadership opportunities to help them develop and improve their professional skills for their future. 


  • Ensure students have opportunities to work with our local community and partnership groups to create a feeling of belonging.
  • Inspire every student to take up new challenges that have a positive impact on others.
  • To develop students educational and social skills in a way that promotes physical and mental wellbeing.
  • To empower students voices to be heard and acted upon.  

Opportunities and roles

Prefects                                             Student government

Library helpers                                 Digital leaders

Youth health leaders                      Sports leaders

Team captains                                Mentors

*Termly curriculum opportunities across all faculties*


We inclusively encourage every student in the canons community to take up a leadership role. To practise and develop it to a level of excellence that demonstrates professional attitudes, behaviours and actions. 


Student Leadership Newsletter