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T-Levels are a 2-year qualification, and an alternative to A Levels, apprenticeships and other post-16 courses.

Equivalent in size to 3 A Levels, a T-Level focuses on vocational skills and can help students into skilled employment, higher study or apprenticeships.

 Each T-Level includes an in-depth industry placement that lasts at least 45 days. Students get valuable experience in the workplace; employers get early sight of the new talent in their industry. 

80% of the course in their learning environment and 20% is a meaningful industry placement.

T Levels Course Information

Find out which universities have already committed to accepting T-Levels here

The Digital T-Level Pathway will be coming September 2023

Where can the Canons Digital T Level Pathway take you?

Web Developer Web Designer Software Developer
Computer Games Tester Computer Games Developer E-Learning Developer
User Experience (UX) Designer Data Analyst-Statistician IT Security Co-Ordinator
Digital Marketing Cloud Services Hardware Installation ....

  Are you interest in the Canons Digital Pathway T-Level?   

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