Exam results at Canons have been on a significant upward trajectory for a number of years, though changes to so called 'legacy' qualifications at GCSE have had an impact on our progress score. Attainment of top grades at GCSE is above the national average Our ‘challenge for all’ approach means that students with special educational needs, those from deprived backgrounds and those with very high prior levels of achievement all make good progress. This years results saw a drop in our Progress 8 measure, this was due to so called 'legacy' qualifications where subjects taken by students in early years using the A-E scale did not count in the performance tables. There was still very strong subject performance in a range of subjects

Attainment and progress at A-Levels reflects the nature of our inclusive 6th form. The vast majority of our students continue in education or employment-based training after they leave the school, with over 90% of our A-Level students securing places in higher education, including many who go on to prestigious Russell Group universities. We also are good at retaining students throughout their Level 3 programmes with us.

Our staff work within a data-rich environment that ensures high expectations for all, whilst recognising that students are much more than numbers on a spreadsheet. Our approach to closing gaps in attainment is personalised, with each individual’s achievement discussed and analysed at regular points in the year to help identify next steps for that child. This approach is summed up by our belief that “if you look after individuals, the groups will look after themselves.”

At Canons, we believe that student achievement isn’t simply measured in terms of success in exams. Our enrichment courses at Key Stage 4 enable students to foster a love of learning for its own sake, providing them with opportunities to do such things as develop smartphone apps, perform at a theatre, teach children at local primary schools and develop their own businesses. Alongside a myriad of extra-curricular clubs and activities, many of which feature on our official Facebook page, students at Canons achieve highly in ways that complement their excellent examination results.

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