Vision 2020

Canons High School is a truly wonderful place to work and a fantastic place for students to learn. We are, however, restless for further improvement, challenging staff and students to go further, be better and achieve more. To this end we have developed with governors, staff, students and parents a ‘Vision for 2020’ that looks beyond the things that we have to do as a school to fulfil our obligations to government and taxpayers. Instead it focuses on the things we want to do because we believe that they are right in ensuring we remain at the heart of our community.

It is, of course, paramount for us that every child leaves Canons with a full set of qualifications in all of their subjects that will act as keys to unlock every door of opportunity they come across in their adult lives. More than this, we hope that they leave us with a commitment to learning that doesn’t stop at GCSEs, A-Levels or a degree, but which nourishes them throughout life and equips them to take on new challenges for the benefit of themselves, their families and their communities.

Just as importantly to us, we expect students to leave Canons High School with a keen sense of right and wrong, a commitment to going above and beyond what is expected of them, a willingness to help others and the confidence to be helped by others. Our expectation is that they leave us as fully-rounded and very likeable human beings who constantly challenge themselves to be better at everything they do. It is a pleasure to work with these students on a daily basis, and to work with the staff who create the conditions in which they can thrive.

Outstanding schools can be very strong at driving results upwards, or they can be very committed to caring for those who work and study there. Great schools do both, and Canons is a great school at the heart of our community. Staff and students achieve great things here, but they do so with a certainty that they are valued, respected and cared for in the process. It’s what makes us Canons. I urge you not simply to take us at our word, but come and see for yourself.