CEIAG Policy


Values and Principles     

At Canons High School, our work is informed by the SHAPE values:  
  • Our work is sustainable.  We ensure that we continuously build upon what already works.
  • Our work is holistic.  We understand that collectively we are more than the sum of our parts.
  • Our work is authentic.  We know that credible educators must also be trusted as learners.
  • Our work is purposeful.  We are resolute in ensuring that we achieve our desired outcomes. 
  • Our work is ethical.  We prioritise the equity and fairness that creates a caring community.
In the context of Careers Education, Information Advice and Guidance, we identify the following guiding principles:  
  • Know Self 
  • Know the Possibilities
  • Be inspired
 These principles are used to shape, evaluate and review our provision. 


Great Achievement - Students will take part in a wide variety of CEIAG activities that will support them in developing the Canons Keys for Success (CKS). They will have the opportunity and facilities to regularly record these successes and evaluate how they will support them throughout their education and beyond into work. 
Great Learning - Students will learn about careers, option choices and the opportunities that are available to them. They will be encouraged to participate in a number of enrichment activities including: volunteering, work experience, and attending careers talks delivered by industry professionals. These opportunities allow students to observe and practise the skills they will need to be successful beyond their school education.
Great Professionalism - Students will observe, practise and develop outstanding professional attributes throughout their time at Canons. They will be provided with the resources to record and evaluate the activities they have undertaken, in order to evidence their commitment to continuous, and incremental, skills and knowledge development. 
Great Partnerships – Students will have the opportunity to develop partnerships within school, the local community and further afield. These partnerships will enrich their experiences and extend students’ knowledge and understanding of further/higher education and the world of work.


Careers Leader – Mrs Christina Reffold
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Phone – 020 8951 5780
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Our Careers Education Programme is led by a full time Careers & Business Links Manager, whose key objective is to introduce students to information, people and experiences to inspire them to become motivated learners.  Our Information, Advice and Guidance teams consist of senior staff and Heads of Year who are well-briefed and have specialist knowledge, making them well-placed to advise.
We are committed to ensuring that students get the best possible advice to help with the key decisions which will ultimately affect their career choices.  Whether a student is considering a University Course, Apprenticeship or School Leaver Programme, we will support them in making informed choices. We support students’ decision-making with quality careers advice, including access to an independent adviser through our partnership with the JGA Group. In addition, in Year 11, each student will complete an on-line Morrisby careers assessment which identifies potential careers to match their individual strengths, followed by an in-depth and impartial careers interview. 

External Partner Access for Engagements

Access for Apprenticeship providers, Higher Education Organisations, Further Education Colleges, Employers and other training providers is via the Careers Leader email address. All enquiries will be responded to within ten working days after receipt of email. As a school we are dedicated to raising aspirations and ensuring our students are informed of the breadth of opportunities available to them and so we welcome the support received from external partnerships.
Permission will not granted if the content proposed to be delivered  is deemed irrevelant or inappropriate for students and equally if there is any content or person deemed to pose a safeguarding issue to students. 
All requests for facilities and technology needed to support events must be made at least 7 days prior to ensure these can be made available.
Parents, Staff and Students
Information about our careers provision and events is advertised in school, on our Social Media sites and via communication sent home. Additional information about individual student data can be accessed, where appropriate, via the Careers Leader.


The world of work is fast paced and ever changing, and it is important to us that our CEIAG provision reflects this.  We are therefore constantly evaluating our approaches and tweaking our CEIAG Programme to ensure that it is always relevant and engaging for students. 
Entitlement – All students will have the opportunity to engage in a range of careers related activities which have been designed to develop greater self-awareness, greater understanding of the range of opportunities in education and employment, as well as to inspire students to reach their potential, through regular engagement with industry professionals and work-related learning.  
Enrichment – All students will have the chance to take part in a range of wider curricular activities that contribute to the development of professional attributes that are required in further/higher education and the world of work.  Many of these experiences will be personalised so they relate to the particular interests and aspirations of each student.
Engagement – All students will have the chance to take part in experiences that will benefit not only themselves but others too, including our local community. They will be able to actively demonstrate professional qualities and attributes through these experiences.   

Linked to our policy is a provision map (Appendix A) which sets out the range of opportunities and experiences that are available to students. Our provision map is a live document that is updated regularly to reflect the best CEIAG provision available at that time. Provision at each key stage will include:  

  • Individual IAG interviews for all students choosing option subject with a senior member of staff.
  • Tailored PSHE careers work for each Year Group
  • Access to independent and impartial careers advice and information
  • The opportunity to take part in our Year 12 Work Experience Programme
  • Morrisby on-line careers assessment
  • A Unifrog account which includes support in writing personal statements and access to a wide range of university courses and apprenticeships.
  • An annual, high profile Careers Fair for Years 10, 11, 12 & 13 introducing students to professionals from a broad range of career sectors
  • Mock interview practise to prepare students for college, university and job interviews
  • @CanonsCareers Twitter account giving Year 11, 12 & 13 students access to real time opportunities and careers information
Our CEIAG Programme is multi-dimensional, recognising the individual strengths and aspirations of every student.  Engaging with the world of work is a key part of our strategy as providing students with opportunities to experience the world of work brings classroom learning to life, and students are able to practise the all-important employability skills which employers often say are lacking.

Monitoring, evaluating and reviewing our provision

All key aspects of CEIAG will be monitored, evaluated and reviewed (MER) on a regular basis.  This includes annual reviews of IAG interviews, the Careers Fair, Year 12 work experience and our PHSC/RE provision. These MERs will allow us to reflect upon our best practice; areas where we can improve; and the impact that our provision has on students.
Alongside our MERs of the many aspects of CEIAG, we will also monitor the experiences and opportunities that we offer to individual and small groups of students. There are a wide variety of external opportunities on offer from which we select the most suitable ones for particular students, depending on their interests and aspirations.  Each opportunity will be monitored, evaluated and reviewed in order to measure its impact and success; and to allow us to judge whether it should be a part of our CEIAG programme in the future.
 October 2018 - Next review October 2019


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