Challenge for all.  Expectation of all.

The foundation stone of the achievement of children at Canons High School is the fact that we get things right in supporting staff and families to support students.  We know the importance of setting tough challenges whilst holding caring expectations for all who join our school and achieve this through knowing them well as individuals, both pastorally and academically.

There are simple and clear rules for behaviour in classrooms and around the school that all staff use with great consistency.  Our incredibly strong pastoral system, including a five-strong Behaviour Support Team, ensures that teaching and learning can take place unhindered whilst also tackling the root causes of underachievement.  Coupled with this, our reward system ensures that students are regularly caught ‘doing things right’ in terms of both behaviour and academic progress.

Inclusion has long been a key strength of Canons.  The Learning Development Department ensures that our staff are fully supported in meeting the needs of students with special needs and those with English as an additional language.  We ensure that ‘challenge for all’ is central to our school’s improvement and that all of the academic, artistic, sporting and musical talents of all of our students can come to the fore.

Strong personal and professional relationships underpin our commitment to setting high levels of challenge and expectation for students at Canons and are, in turn, enhanced by that commitment.  The result of this is a calm, purposeful and happy learning environment in which every child can (and does) thrive, regularly going beyond their own expectations in making significant contributions in lessons, in extra-curricular programmes, within the local community and at national events.