Student Leadership
At Canons we run a range of schemes encouraging students to get involved and lead the life of the school including our recent development of Students as Learning Partners (SaLP).
We aim to encourage students to partner with teachers in the development of Learning and Teaching across the school. We aim for students to:
  • In the Sixth Form students regularly act as Academic Mentors to support younger students during lessons; sharing their expertise and experience as well as gaining important leadership skills for themselves.
  • Literacy Mentors in the upper school are committed to meeting with Year 7 students as part of a weekly intervention programme to develop literacy.
  • Students that are part of the Learning Forum have been trained to observe lessons and give constructive feedback to teachers as part of our whole school focus on maintaining the highest standard of learning and teaching in the classroom.
  • The school has set up a Peer Listening Scheme where staff and students have been trained by ‘Relate’ to counsel young people who are having problems in school or being bullied. This scheme has been extremely successful, so much so that the school hosted a national conference on Peer Listening and we are delighted to say that we have been awarded the Princess Diana Youth Award yet again, as recognition of the excellent work taking place.
  • We have also achieved ‘Eco School’ and ‘Healthy Schools’ status and students are actively involved in developing a range of strategies and activities.
  • We have a School Government where elected students from each year group meet regularly and discuss all aspects of the school and have a full involvement in things such as the School Travel Plan, conversion to Academy status etc.
  • We also have a group we call 'Canons Community Slice' where representatives from across the school are invited to provide input into the school and its development. Most recently they had a full morning workshop to look at how we might change some of our facilities including the Library and the Dining room area. They presented their ideas to the school's Senior Leadership Team and some of their ideas were reflected in the recent refurbishment of this area.