Teaching and Learning at Canons

At Canons we have 5 pillars and 17 evidence-informed principles of effective teaching that guide our planning

Our five pillars of effective teaching and learning are:

1. Challenge and ambitious expectations of what students will learn and achieve

2. Reviewing, revisiting and embedding of powerful knowledge and skills

3. Introducing and embedding detailed knowledge and skills

4. Scaffolding, support and practice to develop fluency

5. Effective assessment to embed knowledge

We have the following aims in terms of our teaching practice:

Ethic of excellence: At Canons we teach to the top with the highest expectations of all students. Students experience high challenge and high support. We aim for all students to acquire detailed knowledge and skills and pupils are supported through effective teaching practices to remember what they have been taught long-term.

Aim:  As a result of excellent and effective teaching for all, students cumulatively know more, can do more and remember more as they progress across the curriculum in each subject.