Curriculum  Maps

As parents, carers, prospective or current students, what is taught at Canons in every subject and at every Key Stage, is a crucial question. The aim of this area of the website is to provide a set of Curriculum Maps outlining what your child (or you as a student) will learn in each subject; when particular units are taught and what the assessments will be.  These make transparent exactly what is being taught and when it is being taught across the academic year in each subject.

Teachers have spent a lot of time crafting these including the statements of intent which set out what is at the heart of each subject. As parents or carers, this would be a great starting place for conversations with your child about what subjects they are learning at school and as current or prospective students, these will be important for you to reflect on what you learn, subjects you particularly enjoy and choices you may want to make in future.

At Canons when planning the curriculum in each subject area, teachers take account of students’ prior knowledge and we ensure that new learning is connected to and builds upon what has been learnt before. This allows for review and revisiting of concepts as students build knowledge across the curriculum in each subject. There is clear progression across key stages in each subject as each key stage lays the foundation for what taught at the next stage. As a result, you will see that each curriculum map includes the prerequisite curriculum, for example the GCSE English Curriculum Map includes the KS3 English Curriculum Map so that you can see how knowledge is built upon and students are prepared for the next stage of their learning across the key stages.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact the school.

Computer Science and Design Technology

Computer Science KS5 A Level Curriculum Map
IT KS5 Level 3 BTEC Curriculum Map


Creative, Performance and Media Arts

Art - Photography - Drama - Media Studies - Music - Photography

Drama KS5 A Level Curriculum Map
Media Studies KS5  A Level Curriculum Map



English KS5 A Level Curriculum Map



Geography - History - Politics

Geography KS5 A Level Curriculum Map
History KS5 A Level Curriculum Map
Politics KS5 A Level Curriculum Map



Mathematics KS5 A Level Curriculum Map


Religious Studies

Religious Studies KS5 A Level Curriculum Map



Applied Science - Biology - Chemistry - Physics - Science -Triple Science

Applied Science BTEC KS5 Curriculum Map
Biology KS5 A Level Curriculum Map
Chemistry KS5 A Level Curriculum Map
Physics KS5 A Level Curriculum Map

Social Sciences

Economics - Psychology - Sociology

Economics KS5 A Level Curriculum Map
Psychology KS5 A Level Curriculum Map
Sociology KS5 A Level Curriculum Map


Sport, Health and Wellbeing

PE BTEC KS5 Curriculum Map
KS5 Health and Social Care Level 3 NQF BTEC Curriculum Map 
PSHRE KS3 4 and 5 Curriculum Map