This offer was developed to deal with the changes to 2 year linear courses  


Why Enrichment?


We want you to be able to make individual choices about your wider contribution to our communities and to gain opportunities to work individually, collaboratively and in leadership roles to expand your experiences beyond your excellent academic provision.


The Enrichment offer: Overview


EPQ                                        Core Maths                                          Sports


Duke of Edinburgh             Sports Leaders                                    Personal Finance


Work Experience (see below)


Work Experience


–Science technician –help the technicians to prepare experiments and look after the animals for a few hours a week.


–BeSTteam –be on-call, along with a member of the BeSTTeam to help teachers with behaviour issues and support the BeSTTeam in delivering pastoral care and academic mentoring to students.


–Librarian –assist the team with the smooth running of the library


–LSA -work with a range of students in the classroom, giving priority to those who need the most help, especially those with learning and/or language needs  


–Reading with primary school children


–External work experience that you organise for yourself or with help from our careers officer, Mrs Reffold.


The enrichment offer covers provision which is certificated/assessed – EPQ, Duke of Edinburgh and Sports Leaders and effectively is academic provision

40+ students have football provision via the Barnet partnership. Our systems don’t really fully track this enrichment offer,

The internal work experience opportunities are more about student leadership and contributing to the school community, than any work content

External work experience is entirely different, but take up is more limited


Student Leadership


These models are relevant in looking at the original aims for ‘enrichment’ in 6th form, but also our broader aims for our 6th form students




· Setting direction

· Commanding authority

· Being accountable

· Championing an institution

· Exercising performance management

· Delegating decision making

· Thinking strategically

· Communicating well

· Developing a shared purpose

· Being honest in relationships

· Facilitating group processes

· Involving others

· Understanding the impact of change

· Leaders Learning from each other

· Mediating conflict

· Nurturing talent and recruiting great individuals

· Entrepreneurial judgement

· Persuading through vision

· Understanding different organisations

· Modelling collaboration

· Influencing direction

· Offering opportunities

· Persistence and perseverance

· Co-constructing solutions


The aims for enrichment are about students making ‘individual choices about wider contribution to our communities and to gain opportunities to work individually, collaboratively and in leadership roles’. We seek to capture this leadership/community contribution using technology